Customer Cases

Customer Cases

We value the experience we have gained from working with our clients.

Software vendor

Extend Qlik capability to bring more value into the financial process

Our client, a software vendor, embeds Qlik Sense into its cash flow management solutions.

The client asked HeyData to develop an extension to use the interactive and visual features of Qlik. Thanks to the extension, users simply select and load invoices into a payment campaign.

HeyData leveraged deep expertise in Qlik Sense API and platform integration to deliver a successful solution.


Reduce Manual processes to save 50% of time in payment campaigns, improving users satisfaction.


Improve the payment process reliability.


Optimize the using of available cash.

Advisory and audit Firm

Solution and Platform Expertise

Our client deploys Qlik Sense to help more than 5000 users manage project profitability worldwide

The solution is mission critical as it is one of the key applications used in steering committees and management meetings.

HeyData provides a team of experts : solution and technical architects to strengthen and optimize the solution


Ensure the best navigation and loading performance for all users regardless of their location in the world.


Scale the solution to host more users and load more data without reducing performance.


Coach on winning choices in terms of modeling and target architecture for better maintainability and scalability.

Audit firm

Audit and Best Practices

Our customer uses Qlik Sense as a standard tool for all audit and analysis engagements with its own customers.

Auditors are supported by a team of data analysts, engineers and scientists.

HeyData contracted with the company to help:

Cette mission d’audit a permis de réaliser d’importants gains de productivité, notamment la réduction du délai de 50%, ainsi que de mettre en relief les recommandations d’amélioration suivantes :

Maintenance and scalability

Implement developments best practices and standardized processes to increase maintenance efficiency and ensure scalability. Implement solution to manage version control and auto document development work.

Performance and modularity

Shorten data loading time in big data context, implement a multi-layered approach for data modeling.

Code quality improvement

Improve code quality : comment, shorten, use native functions…

high technology

Embed Qlik in a web application

Provide advisory and expert services to embed Qlik in web based application : Mashup. Help productize the solution for multiple customers.

Enterprise Architecture

Expert services on platform integration : security, integration and architecture.

Customer support

Expert services and coaching : design and model raw data in an analytic model in Qlik.

Best Practices

Implement best practices : solution productization, code industrialization, test and validation automation…

defense - government sector

Migration to Qlik

Our client migrated a legacy reporting solution to Qlik.

The results was a better analysis of service level and customer satisfaction through cross data analysis, data entry capabilities

Vizlib Library

Leverage Vizlib Library to go beyond standard visualizations.

Agile Design

Deploy analytical solution in agile way : from design to deployment, from data acquisition to presentation of information.


Harness the power of collaborative analytics and writeback capabilities to action, edit and capture data in Qlik Sense.

defense - government sector

Solution and Platform Expertise

Our Client chose Qlik Sense to Maximize the value of available data. One of the key success factor was to empower application creation capabilities as close as possible to business requirements.

We coached and mentored a freshly trained team of qlik developpers in order to make then as self-reliant as possible to create and maintain impactful business applications.

Qlik Training

Train developers to development best practices and qlik frameworks.


Peer-development, coaching and mentoring to ensure development best practices are applied

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